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lissette rivera

Meet Lissette Rivera, founder of SafeCare, a monitoring agency of healthcare workers.

Questions with lissette rivera


werner minshall

Meet Werner Minshall, founder of Minshall Stewart Properties.

Questions with werner minshall

jill akins

Meet Jill Akins, founder of Van Auken Akins Architects LLC.

Questions with jill akins

jeff friedman

Meet Jeff Friedman, founder of Webtego, a web development company.

Questions with jeff friedman


aaron lemieux

Meet Aaron LeMieux, founder of Tremont Electric.

Questions with aaron lemieux

gene groys

Meet Gene Groys, founder of OnShift.

Questions with gene groys


christine lobas

Meet Christine Lobas, founder of Studiothink.

Questions with christine lobas


kazell pugh

Meet Kazell Pugh, founder of TLC Springwater.

Questions with kazell pugh

TLC Springwater

kirk zehnder

Meet Kirk Zehnder, president and CEO of Earnest Machine.

Questions with kirk zehnder

Earnest Machine

michelle martin

Meet Michelle Martin, founder of Insight Learning and Wellness Center.

Questions with michelle martin

connie and mike ozan

Meet Connie and Mike Ozan, co-founders of TWIST Creative, a design agency in Ohio City.

Questions with connie and mike ozan

TWIST Creative

julia briggs

Meet Julia Briggs, founder of Blue Star Design.

Questions with julia briggs

trevor clatterbuck

Meet Trevor Clatterbuck, founder of Fresh Fork Market.

Questions with trevor clatterbuck

Mike Kaplan

Meet Mike Kaplan, founder of the Glass Bubble Project, a glass blowing studio in Ohio City

Questions with Mike Kaplan

Jon Snyder

Jon Snyder is founder, president and CEO of Neuros Medical. The Willoughby firm's platform technology,  Electrical Nerve Block, is focused on eliminating chronic pain in a variety of applications.

Questions with Jon Snyder

Neuros Medical

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