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todd pownell

Meet Todd Pownell, owner of TAP by Todd Pownell, a designer jewelry firm in Midtown with a team of four.

Questions with todd pownell

joan soskin + lauren wyeth

Meet Joan Soskin and Lauren Wyeth, co-founders of Lufthouse, a 2014 Flashstarts accelerator company.

Questions with joan soskin + lauren wyeth


adam fleischer

Meet Adam Fleischer, co-founder of the Wine Spot in Cleveland Heights, a fine wine and craft beer destination.

Questions with adam fleischer

The Wine Spot

nan webb

Meet Nan Webb, founder of Murray Hill Bolt & Spool.

Questions with nan webb

kathleen colan

Meet Kathleen Colan founder of Your Story Social LLC.

Questions with kathleen colan

steve manka

Meet Steve Manka, founder of Manka Design Studio, a public art firm in Midtown.

Questions with steve manka

stephanie sheldon

Meet Stephanie Sheldon, founder of Parfait, Indie Foundry, and Kiss and Bite.

Questions with stephanie sheldon

Kim Metheny

Meet Kim Metheny, owner of Metheny Weir, a decorative painting company.

Questions with Kim Metheny

Mike Kaplan

Meet Mike Kaplan, founder of the Glass Bubble Project, a glass blowing studio in Ohio City

Questions with Mike Kaplan

Johnny Wu

Meet Johnny Wu, founder of Media Design Imaging (MDI), a branding and video production firm.

Questions with Johnny Wu

David Stack

MusicStack is an online marketplace where record stores list their inventory of records and CDs for sale. Consumers can easily search the website for rare and hard-to-find items they have been looking for. MusicStack currently aggregates the inventory of over 1,100 record stores from all over the world, or approximately 25 million titles.

Questions with David Stack


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