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lynlee altman

Meet Lynlee Altman, founder of Pinnacle Construction, a general contractor that specializes in unique, complex and safety-critical construction.

Questions with lynlee altman

debbie donley

Meet Debbie Donley, founder of Vocon, an architectural firm with more than 120 employees in its Cleveland and New York offices.

Questions with debbie donley


ariane kirkpatrick

Meet Ariane Kirkpatrick, founder of AKA Construction Management Team, Inc., a construction company and commercial cleaning company with 47 employees.

Questions with ariane kirkpatrick

jill akins

Meet Jill Akins, founder of Van Auken Akins Architects LLC.

Questions with jill akins

kazell pugh

Meet Kazell Pugh, founder of TLC Springwater.

Questions with kazell pugh

TLC Springwater

Johnny Wu

Meet Johnny Wu, founder of Media Design Imaging (MDI), a branding and video production firm.

Questions with Johnny Wu

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