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kurt rote

Meet Kurt Rote, founder of Western Oncolytics, a developer of novel cancer therapies.

Questions with kurt rote

moty avisar and alon geri

Meet Moty Avisar and Alon Geri, co-founders of Surgical Theater, which applies flight simulation technology to brain surgery. 

Questions with moty avisar and alon geri

chuck herman

Meet Chuck Herman, founder of Specialty Fitness Equipment, a fitness equipment sales company in Bedford Heights with three employees.

Questions with chuck herman

tim miller

Meet Tim Miller, founder of Abeona Therapeutics LLC, which develops gene therapy for potential cures for children with rare genetic diseases. 

Questions with tim miller

anthony stedillie

Meet Anthony Stedillie, founder of CompassMD, a Beachwood-based creator of a software platform that matches individuals and doctors based on compatibility.

Questions with anthony stedillie


tami schneider

Meet Tami Schneider, founder of Cleveland Yoga, a yoga studio with locations in Beachwood and University Circle with four full-time employees, 21 part-time employees and 21 independent contractor teachers. 

Questions with tami schneider

Cleveland Yoga

jillian neimeister

Meet Jillian Neimeister, co-founder of Birdtown CrossFit in Lakewood.

Questions with jillian neimeister

brian stone

Meet Brian Stone, founder of Two Ravens Fencing School.

Questions with brian stone

michelle martin

Meet Michelle Martin, founder of Insight Learning and Wellness Center.

Questions with michelle martin

Jon Snyder

Jon Snyder is founder, president and CEO of Neuros Medical. The Willoughby firm's platform technology,  Electrical Nerve Block, is focused on eliminating chronic pain in a variety of applications.

Questions with Jon Snyder

Neuros Medical

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