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stephen mchale

Meet Stephen McHale, founder of Explorys, an innovation spinoff from Cleveland Clinic with 130 employees that provides the healthcare industry with a secure, cloud-based analytics platform.

Questions with stephen mchale


moty avisar and alon geri

Meet Moty Avisar and Alon Geri, co-founders of Surgical Theater, which applies flight simulation technology to brain surgery. 

Questions with moty avisar and alon geri

chuck herman

Meet Chuck Herman, founder of Specialty Fitness Equipment, a fitness equipment sales company in Bedford Heights with three employees.

Questions with chuck herman

mark kohoot

Meet Mark Kohoot, founder of Aeroscena LLC, a Cleveland company with three employees that develops Ascents clinical aromatherapy.

Questions with mark kohoot


eugene malinskiy

Meet Eugene Malinskiy, founder of DragonID, a healthcare innovation and design company in Shaker Heights with about 10 employees. 

Questions with eugene malinskiy


chan q. wang

Meet Dr. Chan Q. Wang, founder of Zuga Medical, a bio-tech company with four employees.

Questions with chan q. wang

Zuga Medical

laura bennett

Meet Laura Bennett, co-founder of Embrace Pet Insurance.

Questions with laura bennett

lissette rivera

Meet Lissette Rivera, founder of SafeCare, a monitoring agency of healthcare workers.

Questions with lissette rivera


gene groys

Meet Gene Groys, founder of OnShift.

Questions with gene groys


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