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jon stahl

Meet Jon Stahl, founder of LeanDog, which designs and delivers high quality software and helps clients create continual improvement cultures.

Questions with jon stahl

leandog, inc.

kevin goodman

Meet Kevin Goodman,managing director of business development partner and one of the original seven employeesof BlueBridge Networks, a leading total technology solutions provider in Cleveland with 15 employees and more than 30 contract employees.

Questions with kevin goodman

jeff friedman

Meet Jeff Friedman, founder of Webtego, a web development company.

Questions with jeff friedman


lori devore

Meet Lori DeVore, founder of DeVore Technologies.

Questions with lori devore

Doug Hardman

Meet Doug Hardman, founder and CEO of SparkBase, a loyalty marketing program for merchants.

Questions with Doug Hardman


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