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carolyn klosowsky

Meet Carolyn Klosowsky, co-founder of Frugal Fortune, a Lakewood shop with two employees that sells fine vintage and antiques, quality pre-owned, and handmade items. 

Questions with carolyn klosowsky

frugal fortune

ann king

Meet Ann King, founder of BORROW Rentals, a custom rental house for unique furniture and accessories in Cleveland with four employees. 

Questions with ann king

Borrow Rentals

deej lincoln

Meet James "Deej" Lincoln, founder of Reclaimed Cleveland, a retail and custom furnishings company in Midtown.

Questions with deej lincoln

felice pierce

Meet Felice Pierce, founder of Revolve Fashion.

Questions with felice pierce

werner minshall

Meet Werner Minshall, founder of Minshall Stewart Properties.

Questions with werner minshall

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