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steve demoulpied

Meet Steve deMoulpied, founder of PrestoFresh Grocery Delivery, a Cleveland Heights online grocer with 10 employees and plans to expand to 15-20 shortly. 

Questions with steve demoulpied

carolyn klosowsky

Meet Carolyn Klosowsky, co-founder of Frugal Fortune, a Lakewood shop with two employees that sells fine vintage and antiques, quality pre-owned, and handmade items. 

Questions with carolyn klosowsky

frugal fortune

mary w. farrell

Meet Mary W. Farrell, founder of Cherub’s Blanket, a home-based business in Shaker Heights that sells organic cotton baby blankets and baby clothes.

Questions with mary w. farrell

ryan o'donnell

Meet Ryan O’Donnell, founder of Sociagram, a cloud-based video communication platform with four employees.

Questions with ryan o'donnell


c. ethan smith

Meet C. Ethan Smith, founder of Roads Ahead et al, an apparel company based in East Cleveland with one employee.

Questions with c. ethan smith

anne van hauwaert

Meet Anne van Hauwaert, founder of Anne van H. Boutique.

Questions with anne van hauwaert

felice pierce

Meet Felice Pierce, founder of Revolve Fashion.

Questions with felice pierce

steve presser

Meet Steve Presser, founder of Big Fun Toy Store in Cleveland Heights and Cleveland.

Questions with steve presser

Lisa Dunn

Meet Lisa Dunn, owner of Revive Store, a fair-trade retailer in Cleveland Heights and Lyndhurst.

Questions with Lisa Dunn


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