3558 Lee Road
Shaker Heights, Ohio 44120

eugene malinskiy

Meet Eugene Malinskiy, founder of DragonID, LLC, an award-winning healthcare innovation and design company in Shaker Heights with about 10 employees. DragonID focuses on the medical device and surgery market, where its solutions enhance the capabilities of current products, while maintaining cost control.

DragonID’s expertise includes insight into statistical interactions, biostatistics and interactions, and physician-patient interactions. Drawing on this expertise, the company provides health-IT integrated solutions to companies of all sizes.
What is the most exciting product you’ve developed at DragonID?
We’ve developed a ton! But some of our most exciting products we can't talk about yet. Stay tuned! One development we have worked on is a device that prevents embolisms from entering the blood stream during valve replacement procedures.
How do you choose or where do you find the medical devices you want to enhance?
­We have both internal projects as well as external ones. The internal ones are started by our team members and evaluated for their potential. If they are a true breakthrough, we go to the wider medical and scientific community to make sure that they are plausible and to seek funding for them.
External projects are brought to us by doctors, partners and institutions. They bring us projects they’d love to see created. We go through an evaluation process with them, and if possible, we help bring their dreams to life.
On your website you say, “At DragonID we dream of a perfect world. We work to make it happen.” What is a perfect world in your eyes?
Our vision of a perfect world is one where scientific and engineering breakthroughs have made health care into less about care, and more of a lifetime of health. The point is that we also work to make this dream into a reality directly, through active contribution and collaboration.
How did you find and assemble your team?
They found me. My team is made up of professionals who refuse to be labeled as any one thing. Do not call them engineers, or chemists, or developers, or editors. Call them all of those things, because on a daily basis they are all of those things -- and more. The DragonID team came together during our various projects.
As an example, when we needed someone that could simultaneously design something as well as build it and then test it, we found a single person that could do all three parts and bring together a vision of a product. In other places, those would be three different people.
What do you love about the medical device industry?
I love that it allows for the extraordinary recovery of patients after a severe illness; that it can restore something that was lost, rejuvenate even the sickest, and protect even during the worst conditions. I also love that it is, after so many years, finally picking up pace and starting to show what creativity and engineering can really accomplish.  
What advice would you give to someone starting a company in Cleveland?
Do not be afraid of Cleveland. There is an amazing entrepreneurial culture all around. From the local Phoenix Coffee to Bizdom and Shaker LaunchHouse, to JumpStart and Glide there are many people and institutions to help you on your way.
It also doesn’t hurt that we have a low cost of living and amazing food (if you want to attract top talent, then selling Cleveland as a foodie city is a sure hit!). Also, remember that at heart, Cleveland is a tech, manufacturing, and healthcare hub. You just might have to polish some of the grime off, but trust me, it’s there!