brian stone

Meet Brian Stone, founder of Two Ravens Fencing School, an organization dedicated to bringing the modern sport of fencing and sword culture to students of all ages.
What is your background?
I am a 22-year practitioner of fencing, and I established the school to spread and further refine the love of the sport. I’m from New Jersey, one of the most competitive environments for modern fencing in the United States, and several of my students have placed highly in national events, with some even traveling abroad to compete in Europe.
How did you come to be an entrepreneur?
Two Ravens Fencing School was started based on my love of fencing, and teaching people to fence. It was the very natural next step from taking part in others programs. I wanted to create a welcoming and dynamic learning environment for fencers of all experience levels.
What is the meaning behind the name “Two Ravens”?
Here I borrowed a little from Norse mythology: The All-Father Odin is accompanied by two ravens, named Huginn and Muninn (Thought and Memory, translated). I thought the ravens symbolized very well what all students ought to carry with them in their journey of exploring fencing.
Why is Tremont a good neighborhood for a fencing school?
Tremont is very nearly a central location, allowing prospective students from all over the greater Cleveland area to gather. Also, there are many opportunities for the discerning palate to munch in the immediate vicinity.
How did you come up with the idea of using light sabers to teach fencing?
LED sabers inject a little light-hearted fun into the fencing.
Do you find adults wanting to take the light saber class?
There’s no LED saber class, per se, but within a couple weeks of bringing in a saber or two, suddenly I found myself surrounded by adults sporting their favorite color.
Are you a big Star Wars fan?
Card-carrying Sci-Fi Super Geek, right here.
What do you do to blow off steam after a hard day?
I drink tea and rest. Then it’s out to the backyard with the Claymore sword.
What inspires you?
My inspiration comes directly from the moments at the school when I see the pieces fall together, and realization happens at the crossroads between potential and action. I’m inspired when students themselves can see their progress. I live for it.
What are your goals for the school?
I would love to see Two Ravens Fencing School swallow up most of our building. I want to create an environment where people want to "be" and not just "train."

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