Keepin' it Fresh

14837 Detroit Ave, box #333
Lakewood, Ohio 44107

jeff battershell

Meet Jeff Battershell, founder of Keepin’ it Fresh, an embroidered product company that focuses on water conservation and the brewery industry. Keepin’ it Fresh donates a portion of its sales to water conservation efforts within each brewery’s region, with the mindset that clean water makes great beer. This is currently a one-man, one-machine operation, but there are plans in the works to expand.
How did you come to be an entrepreneur? 
Ever since I was a little kid, I had always wanted to start my own business. That interest stuck with me into college at Bowling Green State University when I decided to pair my environmental policy and analysis degree with a minor in entrepreneurship.
After college, I moved to Colorado and got a job for a small company doing energy conservation work mainly for hospitals. During my seven years there, I really tried to focus on all aspects of running a business so I could use that knowledge when I finally decided to make one of the biggest decisions of my life.
When I moved back to Cleveland, It was a much different place than when I had left. The city had a more progressive mindset and new business opportunities seemed to be popping up all over the place. This environment really got my entrepreneurial juices flowing. I started researching ideas in urban agriculture, green roofing, eco-friendly housing, storm water management and sustainable landscaping.
When I finally came up with the vision for Keepin’ it Fresh, it just felt right. I cannot wait to see this company grow and evolve into something great.
Have any Cleveland area breweries signed on to work with Keepin’ it Fresh?
We have been working with Great Lakes Brewing Company for several months now. They got us involved with Burning River Fest. (Swing by our booth and buy one of our Burning River Fest and Keepin’ it Fresh baseball caps!)
We just completed some work for Platform Brewery as well. They just opened their taproom and we were able to help them with work shirts and trucker mesh caps for their employees. All of that apparel and more will soon be available to the public.
We will be working with many more Cleveland area breweries in the upcoming months, and expanding to distilleries as well.
Are you working with any local water conservation organizations?

Absolutely! Ten percent of our total sales go towards water conservation projects within each brewery’s region. We also volunteer as much time as possible with local conservation groups, beach cleanups and river sweeps.
For the Burning River Fest, 10 percent of all sales will go directly toward the Burning River Foundation here in Cleveland. Ten percent of all other Keepin’ it Fresh sales throughout the year will go towards American Rivers. We can also go as far as choose individual projects to fund which makes it a lot more personable.
We have been very involved with the Alliance for the Great Lakes, especially when it comes to volunteering for and leading beach cleanups through their Adopt-A-Beach program. They are so passionate about what they do and have a huge presence within Cleveland and the Great Lakes region as a whole.
Keepin’ it Fresh is also deeply involved with the Year of Clean Water (YOCW), which is a working group that was formed during last year’s Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Summit. 2015 is the year of clean water in Cleveland, and we are working to make that the most successful year as possible.
What is the correlation between water conservation and breweries?

Over 90 percent of beer is water. In fact, it can take up to 20 gallons of water to brew a single glass of beer. Having access to clean water is a very big deal in the brewing business. Clean water truly does make better beer, and we’re fighting to keep our beer fresh and tasty.
Why not use the strength of the brewing industry to fuel community awareness and drive conservation efforts within Cleveland and throughout the entire country? Get informed, get involved, and help us to keep it fresh.