kevin goodman

Meet Kevin Goodman, managing director of business development partner and one of the original seven employees of BlueBridge Networks, a leading total technology solutions provider, with services including work group recovery, virtualization, cloud computing, colocation hosting, disaster recovery and managed storage and services. Headquartered in Cleveland with additional facilities in Mayfield Heights and Columbus, BlueBridge has 15 employees and more than 30 contractors.

How did you come to be an entrepreneur?

I started as a paperboy. I matriculated to a more profitable business of cutting neighbors’ grass and then taking care of their yards. This led to starting a landscaping business at 15 with my brother, which I later built into a high-end residential and small commercial construction business for a number of decades. We started as a way to earn extra money and save for college. It turned into a way of life in that I can combine my personal and professional passions. I do what I love and the money follows.

How has data management changed since BlueBridge has been in business?

Thankfully awareness and the practice of cyber security and compliance are becoming, at a minimum, best practice and a must in many cases. Ten years ago many data center hosting companies were low power and cooling density facilities. Today they are high density, more efficient and better stewards of our Earth’s resources. The days of tape utilization as a primary modality for backups has been replaced with the use of drives. Many companies’ servers have moved from the physical to the virtual and thus served as a catalyst for growth in the cloud and virtualization movement.

How do you stay on top of the latest trends in your business?

We are beginning to see a trend in which technology practitioners are leading the charge in procuring IT solutions. Certainly, due diligences in selection of strategic partner for data center services are a refreshing direction and we have worked very carefully to meet many levels of criteria to be a smart choice as a provider.

In years past, good marketing, as opposed to operational excellence standards, drove revenue.  Today, it’s about uptime, high availability, reliability, security and exceptionality. No longer will a data center thrive in a category of over-promising and under-delivering. In a web and data centric world, data center service providers today are no less a trusted advisors than one’s own attorney, clergy, doctor and accountant.

What is the highlight for your business recently?

BlueBridge has expanded to offer its customer base a deeper and wider solution in terms of, not only interconnected floor space and facilities, but has also added products, services and human resources to our portfolio. The end result is consistent and ongoing operational excellence and sustainability. The various expansions have allowed us to reduce cost, improve efficiencies and attract and retain IT jobs and opportunities.

We had another big year with recognition by OHTec, CRN The Channel Company, CBC Magazine and SBN.

How do you blow off steam and relax?

I love to spend time with my family and close friends and helping others. The time spent engaged with those I love and missions I believe in is life giving and rejuvenates me and empowers my life with a deep sense of meaning.

I enjoy the practice of yoga. I spend a few hours each week at Yoga Roots and various studios around the country when I travel. The consistency of my yoga practice contributes to improvement in all areas of my life-physical, mental and spiritual.

I also enjoy trail running, which takes me to the woods where I both run and meditate. I am very visual so the sights I see, feel, smell and hear absorb into my body and carry me in my day. The experience serves as a reference point of positive energy and inspiration. I take complicated problems and issues to the run and they work themselves out.