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lindsay sims

Meet Lyndsay Sims, founder of Renter’s BOOM, which helps property managers develop a sound social media strategy and a plan of execution. The company’s software provides property managers and landlords with a framework for developing their social media activities and a method to hold themselves accountable, all while getting the coaching and support of the Renter’s BOOM team.
Why is there historically a disconnect between renters and property management companies?
I think that the strained relationship between renters and property management comes directly from the deep and storied history of landlords. People who rent tend to not take any ownership or agency over the space they live in and landlords tend to treat renters like they are transient.
Those trends are changing. People are renting for longer -- sometimes for life -- and they want their apartments to be their homes. But landlords haven’t recognized this change. I feel like part of my job is to educate property managers about their new renters.
What do you consider a perfect day at the office?
A perfect day at the office starts with a plan in Kanban and ends with many sticky notes on the "Done" board. My office has several white boards and each of them holds projects in different stages. I love ending my day having moved several projects from works-in-progress to done!
What local resources have you used to get Renter’s Boom off the ground?
I’ve been fortunate to have received so much support in Northeast Ohio. I have a few great mentors that have come from the Burton D. Morgan mentorship program at JumpStart. I was also very fortunate to win a $25,000 loan from Bad Girl Ventures’ business competition. In addition, I’ve been funded by the Lorain County Innovation Fund and Bizdom.
What advice would you give to someone starting a company in Cleveland?
I used to say “Just start.” Now I say “Start smart.” Being an entrepreneur is very difficult and it is filled with ups and downs. Learn as much as you can about the day-to-day management of business. Starting a business isn’t just about the start, it’s also about the running.

Oh, and Cleveland is a fantastic city to start a business. I’m new here and I know I wouldn’t have wanted to start my business anywhere else.
Where’s your favorite place to meet for a business lunch, and why?
I don’t know if I want to share this secret, but I guess I will. I love Elements Bistro on Euclid. It’s on the Cleveland State University campus. It’s a great little spot. The food is great and very inexpensive. They validate your parking. They serve wine and they run great specials with other local businesses. I take people there all they time. Maybe I’ll see some of you there now, too!

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