frickaccio's pizza market

Westside Market, 1979 West 25th St.
Booth A-8 2005
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

terry frick

Meet Terry Frick, founder of Frickaccio’s Pizza Market in the West Side Market and Fairview Park. Frickaccio’s, with five employees, is the maker of the Famous Pizza Bagel, better known as the Pizagle.
What are Frickaccio’s Specialties?
The Pizagle is sold at the market, our Fairview Park location, and several other locations. We also are a wholesaler and retailer of our organic dough balls. We have 14 flavors and are certified USDA organic in three of our dough balls. We make organic artisan breads and sell them at our Fairview store and other locations.

Additionally, at our Fairview store, we have European communal dining. Every night there is a new menu and a vegan menu is available on Tuesdays. We cater, too.
How did you become an entrepreneur?
I came to open Frickaccio’s because I loved the idea of having a stand at the West Side Market, and when the pizza bagel stand went up for sale, I was the first one to reply! I didn’t know anything about pizza or pizza bagels, but I like challenges, so game on. 
I also had to learn how to run a stand at the market. The hours, the customers, purchasing and making food to sell was all new to me. In time, with the help of my daughter Lindsey, my husband Jim, family and other vendors, I began to feel like I could do this.
What has been your biggest challenge?
I never made pizza bagels before, so that was my biggest challenge. But in time I learned. I think they are really good, because there is a lot of love and myself in them; that makes a difference, when you make your own food and sell it. 
What do you like about being in the West Side Market?
The Market is the best. There is so much energy there. People come from all over the world to see it. We had Jeff Mauro from the Food Network come to taste our bagels. One day we got a call that the President wanted to have our pizza bagels at his conference. Then he came to the market to personally get them!
What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs starting a business?
If you want to start a business, the best advice I can give is: you have to have tenacity, a good attitude and network. Give it 100 percent. But it won't seem like work, because you love it.

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