mc2 stem school snags alcoa foundation grant

MC2 STEM High School was named a regional runner-up in an energy conservation competition sponsored by Alcoa Foundation and the Pew Center on Global Climate Change in Arlington, VA. The competition, called Make an Impact: Change our 2morrow (CO2), awarded STEM High School a $1,000 grant for completing the most calculations on how to reduce the carbon footprint with a carbon calculator.

"It was an opportunity for students, teachers, parents and administrators to have hands-on experience in learning about energy conservation in the home," says Vivian Davis, communications and community relations manager for Alcoa in Cleveland.

Three schools in Cleveland participated in the challenge that involved 15 schools nationwide and more than 8,000 students. The Make an Impact: Change Our 2morrow challenge is part of a new $7 million Alcoa Foundation investment to address regional environmental challenges, improve energy efficiency and enhance global reforestation projects.

In addition to the carbon calculators, schools were given a range of educational materials to get students excited about the challenge. MC2 STEM High school, located in the Great Lakes Science Center and GE Lighting's Nela Park in East Cleveland, focuses on hands-on education in science, technology, engineering and math. "It was such a delight," Davis says of the challenge, "We were able to see the school's mission come to life -- to prepare students in stem sciences. I was so impressed."

Source: Vivian Davis
Writer: Karen Connelly

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