babl media proves that art, design and creative thinking can build a better business

As a designer and illustrator, Nick Pavlak sees the artistic elements of creating a successful business. From website design to a company logo, he founded BABL Media in April 2011 around the philosophy that art, design and creative thinking can build a better business.
That thought proved to be accurate. A little over a year later, BABL Media has made a reputation for itself, especially among startup companies. “Typically, we work with startups with planning, design, and social media,” Pavlak, who is the company’s creative director, says. “We work with them on logo, color palettes and everything associated with their brand.”
Pavlak started BABL Media based on his graphic design background. “When we started I discovered everyone needs a website,” he recalls. But he soon realized he needed a little more. So when he ran into college friend Robert Clark at a Rochester Institute of Technology reunion, Pavlak asked Clark to join the company as the master developer. Soon after, Andrew Wozniak joined the team as art director. “He’s very good at handling the details,” says Pavlak. This summer, BABL Media was able to hire two paid interns to work on development.
Pavlak and Clark have gone on to form FounderSync with two other partners, a matchmaking site for entrepreneurs. The concept is to pair up entrepreneurs with different skill sets to help each other succeed. Both companies are based out of LaunchHouse.

"Our long term goals for the company are to continue to grow and develop our own process and team so as we can build and innovate great ideas," adds Pavlak. "The more brilliant people we can put together, the more amazing products and technologies we can bring to market. Our end goal is to find the one (or several hopefully) disruptive and ground breaking products that can actually change the world for the better."

Source: Nick Pavlak
Writer: Karin Connelly
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