garden of flavor delivers the benefits of fresh juice without all the work

When Lisa Reed was coaching clients on health and nutrition out of her Chagrin Falls office, she would always make them a healthy green juice. After time, Reed realized that some of her customers were coming more for the juice than they were for the counseling.
The juice, today known as Mean Green, is made with celery, cucumber, kale, spinach, romaine and lemon. “You really feel good because your body becomes alkaline,” explains Reed. “You crave it in a way because you feel good.”
Reed realized she had something with her juices. In 2012 she launched Garden of Flavor and this past April she delivered her first order of juices to Heinen’s. Today she is in almost every Heinen’s store, plus Whole Foods, Mustard Seed and Lemon Falls in Chagrin Falls. Reed’s juices also are in Dorothy Lane in Dayton and Columbus and Whole Foods in Cincinnati. In January Garden of Flavor will expand to Pennsylvania and Chicago.
In addition to Mean Green, Garden of Flavor currently features six juices that range from Goji Pineapple (goji pineapple, mint and ginger) to Twisted Roots (carrot and beet juices). Reed also has developed a one-day juice cleanse that is quite popular.
Ironically, Reed’s most loyal customers happen to be home juicers. “Our best customers are juicers themselves and do it at home,” she says. “They realize the cost of organic produce, the time and cleanup involved, and it’s a lot easier for someone to do it for them.”
Reed juices all of her fruits and vegetables in a 38-degree refrigerated space in Midtown. “It’s an ideal environment with very little oxidation or breakdown,” she explains, adding that she’s adjusted to the chilly work environment.
Reed’s son Clayton works for Garden of Flavor, and she uses a staffing firm to help with the labor involved. She plans on hiring two to three full time people in the near future.

Source: Lisa Reed
Writer: Karin Connelly
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