magnet program to train and place 50 veterans by year's end in manufacturing jobs

The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network (MAGNET) is launching a pilot project that matches returning veterans with specific training for key manufacturing jobs available in Northeast Ohio such as machinists, inspection/quality technicians and equipment maintenance personnel.

"Even in this recession there are so many manufacturing jobs that are going unfilled," says Mary Ann Pacelli, project manager for MAGNET. "There's a need for training and people who have an aptitude on the technical side. People may not realize the technical skills learned in the military transfer into manufacturing."

Enthusiasm for the program has been high. "Companies are very interested because they have jobs that have to be filled, and it provides a sense of community spirit," says Pacelli. "Employers are willing to commit."

The project has been two years in the making. MAGNET will be meeting with interested companies through August, and will begin assessing veterans in late August. Pacelli says they plan to have eight to 12 veterans placed by September. "We set a minimum goal to assess at least 100 veterans," she says. "At least 50 will be in some sort of job by the end of the year."

Funding for employers is available through the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services. "Companies that are willing to hire and do on-the-job training are eligible for some funding for salaries and training," says Pacelli. "The work behavior piece has already been taken care of by the military. The training may take some time, but it's worth it."

Source: Mary Ann Pacelli
Writer: Karin Connelly

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