Find Your Path: After record-breaking year of visitors, Metroparks launches mobile app

The Cleveland Metroparks today, Monday, April 19, announced the launch of Find Your Path, a new mobile app campaign to encourage exploration and inclusivity across the Metroparks’ 24,000-plus acres.

The campaign follows record-breaking visitation to the award-winning park system in 2020 of more than 19.7 million recreational visitors. The app will offer new ways to explore and connect with nature.

The Find Your Path app allows users to plan their Metroparks visits and explore more than 300 miles of trails across 18 Reservations. Additionally, the integrated wayfinding and revamped attractions viewer allows users to find a great location to visit, and the calendar can be used to attend an event.
“With more visitors than ever across Cleveland Metroparks, we are always reminded that everyone’s connection to the Park District is personal and unique,” Cleveland Metroparks CEO Brian M. Zimmerman said in a statement. “We’re excited to offer this new way for guests to interact with the Emerald Necklace—whether guests are seeking a peaceful retreat to nature, a new trail adventure, an opportunity to learn from one of our expert naturalists or find time and space to connect with friends and family."

The app is available for download on all Apple and Android devices.