Destination College: Your Teen Media helps students, parents find their way

Navigating the college admissions process—from deciding whether to attend a college or university after high school to what the right school is and what to study—can be a complicated and confusing process.

And it’s never too early to start the planning process, say the experts at Beachwood-based Your Teen Media, an organization offering advice, nonjudgmental support, and resources for parents of teenagers.

Destination - College, a comprehensive 8-week series to help parents navigate the college process.Starting Tuesday, March 9, Your Teen will offer Destination→College, an eight-week virtual series to help parents guide their students through the college process.

Eight live webinar sessions will cover topics like building an appropriate prospective college list; managing the search process; standardized testing; finding a good financial fit and financial aid; and understanding the admissions selection process, among other topics.

A panel of high education experts of best-selling education authors, consultants, and college admissions experts who understand the system will guide participants through the rapidly changing perceptions and processes around college admissions.

Some of the panelists include Nancy Dunn, college access advisor with College Now, psychologist and best selling author Wendy Mogel, and Jeff Selingo, author of “Who Gets In and Why: A Year Inside College Admissions.”

Susan Borison founded Your Teen as her own children were entering adolescence and she realized there weren’t many resources for parents of teens. “The goal was to create a space where parents could replicate [the information] they’d get at a playgroup when their kids were younger,” she explains. “We wanted to be a judgement-free zone where you’re going to get fabulous advice about raising teenagers, whether you choose to [follow it] or not.”

Borison adds that the college admissions process can also be difficult to navigate. “What you’re going to learn through this experience that no two children are alike—even in your own family.”

Borison promises the seminar will help parents and students figure out what specifically works for them.

The sessions will meet on Tuesday nights at 7:30 p.m., beginning Tuesday, March 9. The eight-week session is $49. Registration is required. All sessions take place online via Zoom and attendees will receive a password-protected link upon registration.

For more information, contact Susan Borison, (216) 533-1512.