Color your world: get involved with the Bridge that Bridges campaign in 2018

When creativity, color, and conversation collide, the results can be unstoppable. Just ask community organizer Rachel Oscar, who is leading the quest to create an inclusive community conversation about race and build a mural celebrating all Clevelanders via the Bridge That Bridges campaign.

Now in its third year, the project has been convening residents and stakeholders from the Campus District and Cedar-Central to address racism in Cleveland and across society. Billed as a "community conversation and mural project," the three-month effort involves 15 people meeting regularly for in-depth discussions and design sessions to create a mural depicting their vision for a unified neighborhood. Once that vision is crystallized, the group then paints the mural together and brings it to life.

To date, the East 22nd Street bridge and much of the Cedar Avenue bridge over I-90 have already been transformed to display messages of hope and unity—and the rest of the Cedar Avenue bridge will soon follow suit. Starting on April 3, the 10-week session will meet on Tuesdays through July to work toward their definition of an equitable and connected Cleveland.

Interested in getting involved? Apply here by March 30 to be part of the group, or show some fundraising love by donating to the campaign.
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