gay games fostering diversity, garnering good will for cleveland

In a Washington Post item titled “The Gay Games are underway and they’re winning Instagram and Twitter,” Kiratiana Freelon reports on the events currently taking place in Cleveland and Akron and how they are filling social media feeds with positive imagery.
“There’s only one place in the world right now where you will find cheerleaders, track and field athletes, chorus singers and singer Boy George in the same place. That’s the Gay Games in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio,” Freelon writes.

“For the host cities, it’s an opportunity to bring gay communities closer to straight communities, since Akron and Cleveland are not traditionally hailed as gay-friendly cities.”

Tom Nobbe, one of the Games lead organizers, is quoted in the article saying, “The Games are about diversity, about changing hearts and minds.”

“Over the next four days more than 8,500 people will compete in 33 sports, including the traditional ones like track and field, volleyball and wrestling. The competitors will also compete in cultural events like chorus and cheer.”

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