FreshWater Cleveland launches dedicated series spotlighting Sustainable Cleveland

When it comes to sustainability, Cleveland has come a long way, baby. Not only is the city celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Cuyahoga River Fire—and the progress the river has made in the last five decades (it's now safe to fish!)—but this year marks the culmination of Sustainable Cleveland's 10-year initiative.

Driven by the vision of a "green city on a blue lake," Sustainable Cleveland was founded by Mayor Frank G. Jackson in 2009 as a means of creating more economic, social, and environmental well-being for all Clevelanders.

Each year has taken a specific focus, from energy efficiency to clean water to vibrant green space. (See them all here, or check out the Progress Dashboard to get more information about where the city stands in sustainability.) 2019 marks the "Year of People," a nod to Sustainable Cleveland's core belief to people are the key to achieving climate resilience and sustainability here in The Land.

This year, FreshWater has partnered with Sustainable Cleveland to highlight their efforts and achievements and mark the design of a new decade. With our dedicated series titled "People, Planet, Progress: A Decade of Sustainable Cleveland," we'll be running news stories and in-depth features throughout the year, starting with an exclusive interview with Mayor Frank G. Jackson and Chief of Sustainability Matt Gray.

Stay tuned to FreshWater for all things fit to print on Cleveland's green scene.