25 sustainable energy projects all on one Cuyahoga County map

We’ve compiled a list of 25 key environmental projects in Cuyahoga County, with the help of Matthew Gray, Cathi Lehn and Kristin Hall of Sustainable Cleveland. Then we plotted them into an interactive map that you can click on to learn more.

Gray, who resigned in November after eight years with the city of Cleveland, most recently as Chief of Sustainability, says these projects represent a subset of hundreds of important sustainability and climate projects over the last decade.

“The key is that no one entity, including the city itself, can do this alone,” Gray says. “As the array of projects illustrates, people and organizations from all walks of life can and must lead in sustainability to see the results we need, and to ensure all people can experience the benefits of sustainable living.”

The list has been turned into a heat map, as we call it, that let's you see where the projects are and click on them by location. Visit here to go to the heat map.

This story is part of our dedicated series titled "People, Planet, Progress: A Decade of Sustainable Cleveland" in partnership with Sustainable Cleveland. See the other stories in our series here.

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