Answers to our Cleveland Browns trivia quiz

Answers to our Browns trivia quiz:

1. The Browns’ Paul Brown coached top-ranked teams where? D: Massillon Washington and Ohio State. He also coached the Cincinnati Bengals but won just two divisional titles there.

2: The Browns’ Otto Graham did all but which? B: played center field on a championship Northwestern baseball team. The versatile athlete and musician played center field there, but the team didn’t win a championship with him.

3. The Browns’ 1964 championship team included all but whom? C: Bill Nelsen, a Browns quarterback from 1968 through 1972.

4. 1981’s Red Right play resulted in what? A: an interception.

5. Who quarterbacked The Drive? A: John Elway.

6. Who committed The Fumble? B: Earnest(CQ) Byner. Jose Mesa and J.R. Smith had infamous mishaps on other Cleveland teams.

7. Bill Belichick dumped what regional son because of “diminishing skills?” C: Bernie Kosar from Boardman.

8. Who wasn’t a Browns head coach since 1999? A: Marty Schottenheimer, who served from 1984 through 1988.

9. Since 1999, which native Greater Clevelander has been among the Browns’ 30 starting quarterbacks? B: Axel Edward Brian Hoyer. (Yes, that’s his full name). Spergeon Wynn and Bruce Gradkowski grew up elsewhere. Troy Smith came from Cleveland but never played for the Browns.

10. On the first play from scrimmage In the Browns’ first playoff game last season, what happened? A: The Steelers fumbled the first snap for a Browns TD. Not until the Browns’ next playoff game did they fumble through the opponent’s end zone. The Steelers’ famous Immaculate Reception came in a 1972 playoff game against the Raiders.

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