Do not pass Go: Cleveland themed Monopoly game on the board for this fall

The Providence, Rhode Island game manufacturer Top Trumps yesterday announced it is making a Cleveland-themed Monopoly game.

The Cleveland Monopoly edition will feature locally themed squares that replace Boardwalk and Park Place from the original board and will include customized Community Chest and Chance cards. Many of the squares will also be dedicated to Cleveland landmarks.

Top Trumps sponsorship director Tom Barney and Mr. Monopoly (formerly known as Rich Uncle Pennybags) were at The Arcade on Thursday morning to make the announcement.

“We’re pretty jazzed,” Barney says, adding that the game will be fully licensed under Hasbro, the manufacturer of the original Monopoly game. “We’ve been doing these for 20 years and have [Monopoly game boards on] every continent except Antarctic in more than 40 languages.”

While there have been previous Cleveland-theme Monopoly games, Barney says this edition will be realistic. “This one will be really nice,” he says. “Ours has cool photography and images.”

Before Top Trumps can produce the game, Barney says the company wants Cleveland’s input on what Cleveland businesses, landmarks, nonprofits, big employers, and unique shops to include. Everything that makes the board must be in Cleveland neighborhoods, he says.

“We’re looking for longevity, credibility, and community engagement,” Barney explains. “We’re definitely more likely to choose an engaged company.”

Suggestions can be emailed directly to Top Trumps.

Barney says the game board is filled through sponsorship of the game, with organizations paying for property spaces, community chest cards, or other box spaces.

The point of making the game is to get people excited about Cleveland now and for generations to come. “This is sentimental,” he says. “We want people to give this for generations that people will pass down to their kids and grandkids. It will be a keepsake, for sure.”