Holiday escape route: Kimpton Schofield offers respite during the holidays

While the holidays can be the absolute best—time with family and other loved ones to celebrate the season. But they can be even better when you can go to your own space after spending hours with your family.

The Kimpton Schofield hotel not only provides a glimpse into Cleveland’s historic architecture by renowned architect Levi Scofield, the building—renovated in 2016 to become a combination upscale hotel and luxury apartments—also serves as a great escape from the stress and demands associated with visiting or hosting family during the holidays.

 According to, Americans can spend only four hours with family over the holidays. According to  The Hill, and 75% of houseguests will reach a point where they need to leave— citing lack of privacy, family getting on their nerves, and family drama as the top reasons for leaving, with 40% citing sleeping arrangements added to the stress. 

Yet, 95% of Americans surveyed feel it is important to spend holidays with family. The Kimpton Schofield offers a variety of options for a bit of a relaxing break from holiday chaos.

 The Levi Level of the hotel features furnished apartment-style suites, to suit virtually any need.

  For instance, the family suite has a set of bunk beds and a selection of board games to keep the kids occupied. The Schofield suite sleeps six, so one family and the dog can be in more than 2,500 square feet of space.

And, if spending time with the family during the holidays requires a few cocktails, Betts Restaurant is right downstairs—offering five ways to spike hot cider (or not spike it), and a full menu.

Or, locals can let the out-of-town guests stay in their homes, while they take advantage of the amenities at the hotel and the proximity to all of the events and attractions downtown Cleveland has to offer this season.

For reservations or more information, call (216) 357-3250. The Kimpton Schofield is located at 2000 E. 9th Street.