Ohio City Yoga Collective preparing to make its debut in January

While yoga studios aren’t exactly in short supply in Cleveland, there’s nothing quite like Ohio City Yoga Collective. The yoga scene's latest newcomer will be more than just a space to work on your downward-facing dog when classes kick off in early January.

Founders Kira Heeley and Chrissy Sivori hope to bring in guest instructors and experts to offer nutrition classes, aerial silks, fitness workshops, massage therapy, and more—as well as juices and smoothies made in the on-site kitchen space.

“I think some of those ideas are what can make us next-level and not just the yoga studio that’s on every corner,” explains Heeley, a local real estate agent and entrepreneur. “We really feel like we have a unique opportunity with this space in particular.”

The space itself dominates a natural-light-filled corner of the historic Hildebrandt building, which bustles with artists and other small business owners. Boasting plentiful windows, original marble details, and warm wood trim, the spot will also be available to rent as an event space for things like small weddings.

It’s not the first time the space has housed a yoga studio. When Sacred Rebel Yoga recently vacated it, one of the teachers, Sivori, hopped on the opportunity to take it over. After all, as the owner of Revive Spa on Gordon Square, a licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher, and avid athlete, she knows what she wants in her space.

“I’ve been going to yoga classes and fitness classes and Crossfit,” Sivori says. “I talk to these gym owners so often that I have an idea of how it should be. Because I know what I like and don’t like.”

Sivori plans on teaching at the collective, but she and Heeley also want to bring in visiting instructors to lead a wide variety of yoga classes. Expect everything from hip-hop yoga and Thai yoga to Sivori’s creation, HIIT Asana (a practice combining high-intensity interval training with traditional Asana-style yoga).

The two are planning a soft opening party in January to welcome the community into the space. And building a sense of community in the up-and-coming Hildebrandt and surrounding neighborhood is really what the collective is all about, says Heeley.

“We want to be part of the community; we want to grow this community,” she says. “We want to be an early anchor in what will be the future of this neighborhood because we truly believe in it.”