Buzz People of CLE

#PeopleofCLE: John, Roving musician of Shaker

Buzz Gab Kreuz

#PeopleofCLE: Gab, Cle baseball host

Buzz Evan Williams with his fiance, Jen Sabol

#PeopleofCLE: Project manager for INTRO project

Buzz Andrew Callahan

#PeopleofCLE: Andrew, nurse on the frontlines

Buzz KeithSulzer

#PeopleofCLE: Keith, retired Cleveland Police officer

Buzz Andrew McManus
Buzz Isaiah Pressman

#PeopleofCLE: Isaiah, trying a new career path

Buzz David Payne

#PeopleofCLE: David, ready to explore new frontiers

Buzz Grace Harper

#PeopleofCLE: Grace, a bookseller in tune with music

Buzz Chad Meyers

#PeopleofCLE: Chad, a teacher in love with nature

Buzz Guy Oden

#PeopleofCLE: Guy, inspired to help others

Buzz Laura Perrotta of Cleveland Heights

#PeopleofCLE: Laura, an actor from the very start

Buzz Karly Whitaker

#PeopleofCLE: Karly, equipped with a new worldview

Buzz Chris Theis

#PeopleofCLE: Chris, on a mission to be a good manager

Buzz Dawn Walker

#PeopleofCLE: Dawn, nursing assistant, finishing her bucket list

Buzz Greg Murray

#PeopleofCLE: Greg, pet photographer with a passion

Feature Story Landon Oglesby

#PeopleofCLE: Landon, a hopeful Christian in Euclid-Green

Feature Story Tyler Lisowski

#PeopleofCLE: Tyler, a keyboard wizard since 6