Same vibe, different location at new Parnell’s on Cedar Hill

When the iconic Charles Stewart Parnell's Pub closed on Sept. 20 after two decades on Lee Road, regulars came out to party and toast good memories of the place.

Patrons knew it was not a farewell, but a celebration of what is to come with the new location at 12425 Cedar Road in the former Ten Thousand Villages space on Cedar Hill.

Parnell’s owner Declan Synnott bought the new location in early July for its larger size—1,000 square feet with 920 usable square feet in the new location versus 650 usable square feet in the old location. He says the new location will seat about 16 more people, and Synnott promises to have the same draws in the Irish pub, like darts, World Cup Soccer, live music, and its famous St. Patrick’s Day parties.

“I’m just trying to move the address and keep the same vibe we’ve had for 20 years,” Synnott explains. “The size of the old bar just prohibited me from doing what I wanted to do.”

Synnott is keeping the details under wraps for now, but he did say the renovations are about 85 percent complete—and the bar should be opening within the week. “We’re just putting the final touches on it,” he says. “We gutted it and built it back to a bar, because it wasn’t a bar [before].”

Paul Miller of Rellimco served as the general contractor on the project, while Synnott’s wife, Elizabeth, did the interior design. Synnott also brought in a carpenter from North Carolina to do some custom work.

Design elements Synnott will divulge include old speakeasy doors with gunshot marks in them, old barn doors, and antique glass. Synnott found the speakeasy doors in the Flats, where he “searched and drove around looking for them.”

Upon entering the pub, high-top benches line the left side, while seating is to the right. The highlight of the new Parnell’s is a small private area that Synnott likens to "an old store you’d find in Dublin."

Synnott says he has developed good relationships with the surrounding restaurants and bars, and Parnell’s patrons are always welcome to bring in their own food. “They’ve been very receptive,” he says of his new neighbors. “But our neighbors on Lee Road are really sad to see us go.”

Synnott, too, is sad to leave his Lee Road surroundings of 20 years, but he’s looking forward to the next 20 on Cedar Hill. “I think everyone’s going to be very impressed,” he says. “We’ve given 20 years of great business. Now we want to give something back.”

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