tremont tails will service dog and cat owners in growing pet-friendly 'hood

Tremont has always been a popular neighborhood for animal lovers, with amenities like Lincoln Park, the Clark Field dog park and pet-friendly restaurants and bars adding to the appeal. The neighborhood also has two shelters, a doggie day care and an active community of animal rescue advocates.

Now a new business, Tremont Tails, will allow dog and cat lovers to buy basic goods for their pets without traveling outside of the neighborhood. It also will promote rescue and adoption programs in Cleveland, carry art and gift items, and even allow owners to indulge their pets with massage sessions on special occasions.

"You go out at five o'clock and there's dogs everywhere, and many are rescued," says Lisa Turner, a court reporter who is launching her business based on her passion for animals. "Now they can walk to a retail store with their animals."

Turner, who is originally from the Tremont neighborhood, recently won the Tremont Storefront Incubator competition. She will open Tremont Tails in a 378-square-foot storefront owned by the Tremont West Development Corporation, which is using the space to spur new businesses that fill an unmet need.

"I would never be able to open my store without this program," says Turner, who will receive three months of free rent and six months of reduced rent as part of the special program. "They're also helping me to market my business."

After Tremont Tails "hatches" from its incubation period, Turner hopes to find a larger storefront and finally turn her passion for animals into a full-time day job.

Source: Lisa Turner
Writer: Lee Chilcote
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