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Voting Trump in begins

Last night was full of tension, excitement on the streets and in the Q

Tensions between protest groups and police rose to a new level last night, but everything was brought under control. Fresh Water was on the streets and in the Q as voting Trump in as the republican candidate started.

Kerchiefed Cleveland RNC Occupation Forces activists marching down E9th on day two of RNC

Tempers rise as flag burns

Once again, a quiet start to Wednesday at the RNC. But as the temperatures rose so did tempers, resulting police orders to disperse.


A moody Tuesday at the RNC

Social media roundup: Tuesday morning, people were mingling about and enjoying the entertainment. By the afternoon, many protest groups had taken over Public Square. Then calm resumed.

The Bikers for Trump rally in the Flats

Bikers for Trump rally, visitors celebrate as RNC gets underway

30-50 Bikers for Trump members rally in the Flats while office workers report a quiet start to the RNC. 

Police use their bikes are barricadesades

A busy RNC day in Cleveland

Social media roundup: there was a lot going on in Cleveland on the first day of the RNC with thousands of visitors, protesters and business people all going about their causes.

U Matter

Sunday at the RNC

Cleveland is humming with good vibes the weekend before the RNC kicks off, and security is in full force.

RNC bridge

Saturday at the RNC

Today, managing editor @erin__obrien heads to downtown to see what's happening; the latest links to road closures and security; live music at RTA stations; and options for those avoiding downtown this week.

RNC 2016 Cleveland

Today's RNC observations

Managing editor Erin O'Brien is already roaming downtown's streets, looking for signs the Republican National Convention is in town.

Close up of one of the album cover guitars

Lackey Guitars puts a new spin on vintage boxes, vinyl art

From vintage Springsteen covers to old cigar boxes, David Lackey reanimates objects by transforming them into handcrafted one-of-a-kind guitars.

Cleveland Velodrome

A perfect slice of Cleveland: Slavic Village

Fresh Water contributor Kaylyn Hlavaty offers up a perfect slice of Cleveland with an insider's tour of Slavic Village.

RNC 2016 Cleveland

Fresh Water Cleveland's RNC coverage

Fresh Water Cleveland will be live and on the ground during the Republican National Convention.

Norton Furniture

Cleveland's 10 best oddities: the ultimate RNC scavenger hunt

Fresh Water uncovers the weird, the overlooked, the hidden, the has-been and even the naked in this rollicking roundup.

Cracking Art Group installation near the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Ahead of the RNC, art blooms across the 216

From an army of giant snails invading the Cleveland Public Library's Downtown branch to colorful murals lining RTA's Red Line, the 216 is alive with new eye-popping art to welcome RNC visitors.

Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 NBA Championship Parade and Rally

PHOTOS: King James and his royal subjects

For this week's Fresh Water, managing photographer Bob Perkoski chronicles the dazzling aftermath of the Cavaliers' historic championship win - with a royal narrative by Erin O'Brien.

Luke Visnic of Drew Anderson of Cleveland Kraut

From bones to 'buch: Culinary Kitchen launches local success

In just three years, the Cleveland Culinary Launch and Kitchen has produced a wealth of successful food businesses, some of which have outgrown the incubator and moved on to their own locations.
806 Articles | Page: | Show All
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