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Advanced Manufacturing

photo Bob Perkoski

Northeast Ohio has long been known for making things, and we are second to none when it comes to making things better, more efficiently, and more cost effectively. As Greater Cleveland looks ahead, the manufacturing focus needs to be on transforming the industry into a global leader. By adopting the latest innovations, and seizing upon the technology of tomorrow, Cleveland's manufacturing industry stands to remain as powerful a force as it has been for decades. 


Rock Hard Guitar Pics

Rock Hard featured on WKYC

Last May, Fresh Water published a story on Jerry Mearini and the Rock Hard Guitar Picks he developed, combining his love of rock and roll with his physics knowledge. Our media partner WKYC Channel 3 picked up the story.

Max Hayes instructor Anthony Kazel, a 40-year veteran of the school's machine shop with student Devonta Edmonds

Area groups strive to produce the next generation of skilled laborers

As shop class disappears from American classrooms, local efforts to build a pipeline of young manufacturing talent remain strong. 

Startup Scaleup

Entrepreneurial scene set to take over Gordon Square Arts District

Startup Scaleup, a daylong event on June 17th, will offer resources, networking -- and ice cream -- for Cleveland’s startup businesses.

3D printing at Case Western Reserve's think[box]

3D printing brings the sexy back to Cleveland's manufacturing sector

A high-tech parts-building process that "prints" three-dimensional solid objects from digital files is taking hold in Northeast Ohio.

Andrew Webster of Swagelok

Cleveland institutions dipping into local talent pool to fill workforce gaps

Schools and businesses are aiming to boost the economy through a regionally-bred pipeline of skilled workers.
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Advanced Manufacturing For Good

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Advanced Manufacturing Founders

jeremy flack

jeremy flack

City: Downtown
Meet Jeremy Flack, founder of Flack Steel.
rick pollack

rick pollack

City: Beachwood
Meet Rick Pollack, founder of  MakerGear.
dan t. moore

dan t. moore

City: Downtown
Meet Dan T. Moore, founder of the Dan T. Moore Co., parent company to 14 manufacturing companies.
kirk zehnder

kirk zehnder

City: Emerging Neighborhoods
Meet Kirk Zehnder, president and CEO of Earnest Machine.
Bob Schmidt

Bob Schmidt

City: AsiaTown/St. Clair Superior
Bob Schmidt is the founder of Orbital Research, whose core technologies are aerodynamic controls and microdevices for the aerospace, defense, transportation, medical, and wind turbine industries.
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