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Advanced Manufacturing

photo Bob Perkoski

Northeast Ohio has long been known for making things, and we are second to none when it comes to making things better, more efficiently, and more cost effectively. As Greater Cleveland looks ahead, the manufacturing focus needs to be on transforming the industry into a global leader. By adopting the latest innovations, and seizing upon the technology of tomorrow, Cleveland's manufacturing industry stands to remain as powerful a force as it has been for decades. 


Baiju Shah, Global Cleveland’s board chairman

inside out: global cle's talent attraction campaign aimed at filling jobs, repopulating city core

On Thursday, May 1, Global Cleveland will officially launch its talent attraction campaign at a major event at the Cleveland Convention Center. The event -- like the organization hosting it -- is focused on increasing the population while strengthening the local economy.

CAMLS surgeons training

rise of the rest: it's not just silicon valley anymore, people

Has Silicon Valley jumped the shark? Ask many keen observers of technology hubs from coast to coast and they'll tell you that 2013 is prime time for startups to bloom in unexpected cities like Detroit and Cleveland. Dubbed the "Rise of the Rest," the burgeoning trend documents the blossoming of entrepreneurialism in unexpected places.

Barbara Oney, CEO/Founder, UNCOMNtv Network

online resource unites region's agencies to help bridge the education-to-employment gap

Imagine having an online resource with the information needed to custom design your own career path. That’s what the UNCOMN.TV does. This project identifies what employers need in employees, what educators need to be teaching students, and what students need to be doing to snag jobs -- thus helping to turn brain drain into brain gain.

LeedCo VP of operations Dave Karpinski

q & a: dave karpinski, new vp of operations at leedco

As new VP of operations for the Lake Erie Energy Development Corp (LEEDCo), Dave Karpinski will guide the organization through the next phase in the process of building the nation’s first freshwater offshore wind project. With its first round of financing in tow, LEEDCo must now compete for a critical second infusion of funds against six other projects across the country.

Healthcare Tech

bioenterprise, austen bioinnovation work as one to propel healthcare tech in region

Let's imagine that the Northeast Ohio healthcare innovation community is a football team. That would make business recruiter BioEnterprise the quarterback, "handing off" startup companies to Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron, with an aim of scoring funding and resources a company needs to succeed.    Strained metaphors aside, BioEnterprise and Austen are two local groups working as a team to push a regional economic transition from staid manufacturing to the more vibrant realm of healthcare and innovation technology. What exactly do these groups do and how do they do it? How do they work together to achieve their goals? Key members from each organization share their connected strategies.   Providing a guiding hand   BioEnterprise is a Cleveland nonprofit tasked with growing healthcare companies and commercializing bioscience technologies. The early-stage firms BioEnterprise assists are seeking to produce medical devices and biotechnology, or developing drugs for commercial use.   The economic development group was founded in 2002 by the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and Case Western Reserve University as a way to harness area strengths in medical devices and healthcare technology. The nonprofit's foray into a potentially lucrative "innovation economy" is built by guiding new companies, not funding them, says interim president Aram Nerpouni.   Read the rest here...
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Advanced Manufacturing Founders

jeremy flack

jeremy flack

City: Downtown

Meet Jeremy Flack, founder of Flack Steel.

rick pollack

rick pollack

City: Beachwood

Meet Rick Pollack, founder of  MakerGear.

dan t. moore

dan t. moore

City: Downtown

Meet Dan T. Moore, founder of the Dan T. Moore Co., parent company to 14 manufacturing companies.

kirk zehnder

kirk zehnder

City: Emerging Neighborhoods

Meet Kirk Zehnder, president and CEO of Earnest Machine.

Bob Schmidt

Bob Schmidt

City: AsiaTown/St. Clair Superior

Bob Schmidt is the founder of Orbital Research, whose core technologies are aerodynamic controls and microdevices for the aerospace, defense, transportation, medical, and wind turbine industries.

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