cle clinic announces top 10 medical innovations for 2013

Writing for Huffington Post, Debra Sherman covers the recent announcement by the Cleveland Clinic of the "Top 10 Medical Innovations that will have a major impact on improving patient care within the next year."

"The best medical innovations for next year include an almond-size device that's implanted in the mouth to relieve severe headaches and a hand-held scanner resembling a blow dryer that detects skin cancer, the Cleveland Clinic said on Wednesday," the story says.

"But leading the 2013 list for innovations is an old procedure that has a new use due to findings in a recent study. Physicians and researchers at the clinic voted weight-loss surgery as the top medical innovation, not for its effectiveness in reducing obesity, but for its ability to control Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of the disease."

Also on the list: A hand-held device used to detect melanoma, a new type of mammography, new drugs to treat advanced prostate cancer, and a new technique to repair and regenerate damaged lungs.

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