cleveland clinic dietitian explains kids' health study

In a article titled “Study: What your kids snack on could determine how full they feel,” Christian Hauser explores the correlation between snacking habits of children and its relation to overall caloric intake.
“A new study finds that children who swap foods like potato chips for more nutrient-rich choices like vegetables or cheeses actually consume fewer calories when snacking,” writes Hauser.
While idea may appear obvious to some, the study explained that the children needed significantly fewer calories in order to feel satisfied.
"Snacks that are higher in fiber and have more protein, like we find in cheese and vegetables, leave your kids feeling fuller and they're likely to eat less,” explains Carrie Gonzales, a pediatric dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic.
"I think it always goes back to what's being offered in the home. So, if we do offer more healthful choices like vegetables or cheese versus potato chips, your child will actually eat them. It's just about what you have available,” concluded Gonzales.
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