la times shares secret to market garden's sweet potato pie

In a Los Angeles Times column titled “Culinary SOS: Divine medley of flavors,” Noelle Carter answers a reader’s question about her experience with Cleveland’s own Market Garden Brewery and shares their recipe for sweet potato pie.
“A while ago, on a visit to Cleveland, our son took us to eat and drink at the Market Garden Brewery. I believe it is near the interesting Garden Market on the near west side of Cleveland. I ordered the sweet potato pie. It was out of this world! I was glad I had eaten lightly before devouring it.”
Not sure what the "Garden Market " is, but Carter soldiers on and, after some research of her own, provides the secret to its awesomeness as well as the recipe.
“This is no ordinary sweet potato pie. Creamy mashed sweet potatoes are lightly spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla paste, and sweetened with a touch of honey, sugar and muscovado brown sugar -- a rich, dark, unfiltered brown sugar -- for a wonderful medley of flavors. Not too sweet and not overly spiced. In a word: perfect. This is one pie I'll be making again and again.”
View the full column and recipe here.
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