chef jon sawyer cracks time's 'top 10 food trends' list

Cleveland chef Jonathon Sawyer was included in TIME magazine's year-end list of top 10s, which covered topics ranging from music and literature to gadgets and memes. Sawyer earned the #7 spot on the list of Top 10 Food Trends.

Penned by TIME food writer Josh Ozersky, who visited Greenhouse Tavern this summer, the item calls out artisinal vinegars and bitters as a hot new food trend. Sawyer's hand-crafted vinegars make their way into numerous dishes at his E. Fourth Street restaurant.

"The one thing you generally expect of new, laboriously made products at restaurants is that they will be good. But even bad can be good -- if by "bad" you mean sour or bitter," writes Ozersky. "The nation's avant-garde mixologists, mustachioed and otherwise, have taken up the creation of house-made bitters as part of their advanced drink programs, and their kitchen counterparts are following suit, with vinegars so complex and intriguing that they are sometimes served straight up between courses. Jonathon Sawyer serves half a dozen in tasting dishes at his Greenhouse Tavern in Cleveland."

Ozersky gets one detail wrong, however, when he writes, "Happily, they are for dipping fries rather drinking." Greenhouse mixologist Kevin Wildermuth does indeed use house-made vinegars in his cutting-edge cocktail program -- and the results are eye-opening.

Read the entire list here.
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