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Photo Bob Perkoski
Photo Bob Perkoski
Like sharks, we humans gotta move. And in Northeast Ohio, that typically means hopping in a car and heading out on the open road. More and more, though, Clevelanders are swapping conventional for alternative. Inner-ring commuters are leaving the SUV in the garage, instead choosing to ride the light rails or hop aboard RTA's Healthline, a fleet of environmentally friendly buses. Bike lanes continue to get painted onto new city streets. There's even talk of a high-speed rail that will connect Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland.

The needs of all of those groups are being taken into consideration as a new transportation center is being planned for downtown. To be located near the North Coast Harbor, the intermodal complex will serve pedestrians, bike riders, motorists and rail passengers.

Ohio owed much of its prosperity in the mid-19th century to the Ohio & Erie Canal. What will the next great transportation idea be?

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with historic influx of urban residents, cities are seeing a rise in amenities

After decades of population loss, cities like Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Pittsburgh are now growing faster than the rest of their metro areas. Urban developers are trying to attract the right amenities to support the new wave of urbanites. So what’s needed to sustain a dense and vibrant city? The answers might surprise you.

rediscovering your hometown? there's an app for that

Sometimes, even the most adventurous resident can grow a little too comfortable living in the same city after a while. But one can always find something new to discover if we just dig a little deeper. Lucky for us, a number of smartphone apps will help the explorer in all of us get reacquainted with the city we call home.

fresh water managing editor pens cleveland guidebook for visitors, residents

It's been four and a half years since the first edition of "Moon Handbooks: Cleveland" was published. Considering all that has taken place in Cleveland during that time, author and Fresh Water managing editor Douglas Trattner says that for the second edition, which was released this week, he went back to the starting gate.

we've got options: alternative transportation takes root in cleveland

There's more than one way to get around Cleveland. As more and more alternative transportation options like Lyft, Uber and pedicabs enter the local market, residents are discovering that it's increasingly becoming easier to leave the wheels at home. Fresh Water took them for a test drive.

national roundup: washington's 'high line,' cleveland's coolest digs, denver's downtown boom

Issue Media Group publications such as Pop City in Pittsburgh, The Line in Minneapolis and Soapbox in Cincinnati cover "what's next" in urban centers. In this recurring feature, we highlight the top stories in urban innovation from across our national network.
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trevor clatterbuck

trevor clatterbuck

City: Downtown

Meet Trevor Clatterbuck, founder of Fresh Fork Market.

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