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Grant Segall is a national-prizewinning journalist who spent 44 years at daily papers, mostly The Plain Dealer. He has freelanced for The Washington Post, Oxford University Press, Time, The Daily Beast, and many other outlets.

Robotics mission: GLSC students travel to Ecuador to fit needy children with prosthetics
Earlier this year, students from four CMSD high schools in the Great Lakes Science Center's Robotics Initiative created prosthetic arms and hands and then traveled to Quito, Ecuador, where they helped nonprofit IMAHelps fit children in need with the prosthetics.
Enhancing nature: Metroparks' Zimmerman has spent past 13 years on improvements, more to come
Many positive changes have occurred at the Cleveland Metroparks since Brian Zimmerman took over as CEO in 2010, with many more projects ongoing and on the horizon.
Welcome signs: Waypoint locations in the skies direct and amuse pilots
When pilots are heading into Cleveland, they know they're close when they hit GPS waypoints on their radar listing LBRON, TRYBE, or ROCKIN. Grant Segall explores what these clever five-letter waypoints stand for, and some other interesting handles elsewhere in Ohio and around the country.
Safe haven: 5,000 Ukrainians have arrived in NEO over the past year
An estimated 5,000 Ukrainians have taken refuge in Greater Cleveland since February 2022, and Northeast Ohioans are sponsoring their stays and making them part of their families while they wait to return home.
Cheers to the small stuff: Sweating the details may lead to a clear big picture
FreshWater writer Grant Segall likes to zoom in on the small components—bubbles in brooks, flickers in ashes, the sparkles in mica—that make up the bigger picture.  
The day the music dies: Reflections on Record Revolution closing after 55 years on Coventry
Making its debut on Coventry Road in 1967, Record Revolution has been the hip mainstay on the street for 55 years. Customers, friends, and others involved with the store from the beginning share their thoughts on the iconic store closing its doors next week.
Western Reserve Land Conservancy, City conduct property inventory and assessment
The Western Reserve Land Conservancy is leading the way in a months-long inventory of all of Cleveland’s 167,157 land parcels—identifying and prioritizing properties for rehabilitation, lead abatement, code violations, demolition and other pressing needs.
Guiding light: Jan Ridgeway has spent years, her own money, on aiding CLE's most needy
For more than a dozen years, Jan Ridgeway has dedicated her time, and her own money, to Garden Valley Neighborhood House to feed and provide services to the residents living in one of Cleveland's poorest neighborhoods. 
Food Justice: Many Clevelanders struggle for healthy, affordable food
There are many efforts are underway at farms, community gardens, markets, social service organizations, and public agencies to nourish communities like Cleveland—the nation’s poorest big city—where food deserts are common and healthy foods are not the cheapest, most affordable, or most accessible options. 
Evolving history: Museum of Natural History undergoes staff, campus, program changes
The 102-year-old Cleveland Museum of Natural History is finishing a $150 million expansion and renovation that includes physical enhancements, staff additions, and a new hall that will feature some of the museum's most prized attractions.
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Ticket to Ride: Stories of one teen runaway’s quest to meet the Beatles
In 1964, after attending a Beatles concert at Public Auditorium, two teenagers skipped town and ran to England in search of the Fab Four. Nearly 60 years later, Janice Mitchell recounts her antics and how her quest to meet the Beatles led to a career path in journalism and, eventually, as an investigator solving murders.
Weathering the storm: How some LGBTQ+ businesses survived the pandemic
Many local businesses have suffered or closed permanently during the pandemic, while others have found new opportunities. Most local LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs say they’re weathering the ordeal—thanks in part to rising support from individuals and institutions in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.
Mayoral quiz: On the eve of electing a new Cleveland mayor, test you knowledge on our past mayors
For the first time in 15 years, Clevelanders will choose a new mayor on Tuesday, Nov. 2. How well do you know some of Cleveland's former mayors? Take our quiz and test your knowledge.
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These trees grow in CLE: Groups record, track remaining pre-1796 Moses Cleaveland trees
Only about 70 of the 273 known Moses Cleaveland trees recorded in the city remain—including tulips, sycamores, beeches, several kinds of oaks, a hickory, and a silver maple. Tree advocates working to restore our tree canopy are using the remaining Moses Cleaveland trees to inspire residents to plant their own tree legacies.  
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