#PeopleofCLE: Andrew, designing a life with his wife in Cleveland

Andrew McManusAndrew McManus

Northeast Ohio is changing. These are the people shaping its future.

Our 13th installment:


Andrew McManus is an architectural designer at Bialosky. He has worked on projects such as the Upstairs at Van Aken apartments in Shaker Heights and the upcoming Tappan apartments in Tremont. He plays live Irish and American music on the side at coffee shops, festivals, and various events. He’s from Armagh, Northern Ireland, and when the recession happened, he was laid off from his architectural firm in London. He bounced around places like London and New Zealand to find work. His wife, who was only a friend at the time, had contacted a few people to help her see different parts of the world. A turn of events and perfect timing allowed Andrew to invite his future wife as a friend to see his sister’s Irish wedding. “I went back to New Zealand to finish my year there, she went back to Cleveland. We kept in touch, and after that all finished, I decided not to stay in New Zealand. I just wanted to get back home. Things were recovering a bit after the recession. I went back to Ireland and kept in touch with Catherine. She actually came out to New Zealand for a quick little holiday, then I went over to Cleveland, and she came over to Ireland again. Eventually, around 2015, she came over to Ireland, and we got engaged.” #peopleofcleveland #peopleofcle

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Nicky Grusenmeyer
Nicky Grusenmeyer

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