Playing favorites: FreshWater celebrates 500 issues with our favorite mastheads

On Thursday, Sep. 30, 2010, FreshWater Cleveland published it’s very first issue. We introduced ourselves, then-managing editor ran our very first I Live Here (now) installment on serial entrepreneur Marc Canter, and Diane DiPiero reported on the pending 2011 debut of the Syrian Cultural Garden, among a slew of other stories.

On Thursday, Dec. 8, more than 11 years later, FreshWater marked it’s 500th issue. Today makes 502 issues.

Managing editors and news and features writers have come and gone—and sometimes returned again—but two things have remained a constant:

First, FreshWater has always been committed to reporting on What's Next in and around Cleveland—offering a fresh wave of stories covering Northeast Ohio's most creative people, businesses, organizations, and neighborhood developments.

Second, managing photographer has been with FreshWater since Day One—capturing people doing what they love or performing their duties; celebrating Cleveland’s landscape (both natural and urban); and since January posting candid portraits in our #StreetsofCLE series.

And, each Thursday since Sep. 30, 2010, Perkoski has created a new masthead. Today, we celebrate Perkoski’s unique and creative view of our fair city with our personal favorite mastheads from the 502 he has done. For our complete masthead library, click here.

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In addition to his work for Fresh Water, Bob Perkoski is the official photographer for LAND studio and Cleveland Burlesque. He recently published a book of his photos Rust Belt Burlesque. He's had work published in other books like LGBTQ Cleveland by Ken Schneck, Rust Belt Chic: The Cleveland AnthologyRust Belt Chic: The Pittsburgh Anthology and Moon Cleveland by Douglas Trattner. Previously he was co-founder/art director for Balanced Living Magazine. His substantial portfolio includes news coverage, portraiture, commercial imagery and fine art. Perkoski's first solo show, These Walks of Life premiered in December 2016 in Negative Space Gallery. Visit Perkoski Photography for complete profile information.   Originally from Conneaut, Ohio, Perkoski now lives close to the city in Parma. He has been Fresh Water's managing photographer since the publication's September 2010 inception.