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Welcome to Fresh Water, a weekly e-zine that promises to shed light on Cleveland's most compelling people, businesses, organizations and neighborhoods.

As our name not-so-subtly suggests, Fresh Water seeks to redirect the conversation from negative stereotypes about our city, economy, and people to those that tell a very different tale. Fresh Water's story – Cleveland's story – is one of constant change fueled by a compelling cast of big thinkers.

Fresh Water is the story of What's Next? What's next in biomed; what's next in sustainability; what's next in local foods, what's next in philanthropy; what's next in neighborhood development. Our focus will be on "new economy" disciplines and big thinkers in the fields of design, architecture, alternative energy, medical innovation, urban farming – each week, you'll read their stories here.

We speak to creative, highly mobile and curious people who are interested in quality of life issues, job-creating small businesses, innovative start-ups. They want to know where innovation is taking place, and where neighborhood transformations are taking root. Some of our readers, we hope, will be inspired to move here from elsewhere and set up shop.

With underwriting support from public, non-profit and philanthropic supporters in Cleveland, Fresh Water brings a fresh perspective to the C-Town story – a narrative of creative people, compelling events, innovative businesses, new developments and cool places to live, work and play.

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Thanks, and happy reading (and viewing).

Douglas Trattner
Managing Editor

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Douglas Trattner is a fulltime freelance writer, editor and author. In addition to acting as Managing Editor of Fresh Water, he is the Dining Editor of Cleveland Scene, author of “Moon Handbooks: Cleveland,” and co-author with Michael Symon on two New York Times best-selling cookbooks. His work has appeared in Food Network magazine, Miami Herald, Globe and Mail, Wine & Spirits, Cleveland Magazine and others. He lives in Cleveland Hts. with his wife, two dogs, five chickens and 20,000 honeybees.