PHOTOS: King James and his royal subjects

For this week's Fresh Water, managing photographer Bob Perkoski chronicles the dazzling aftermath of the Cavaliers' historic championship win - with a royal narrative by Erin O'Brien.

First came the win. Euphoria ensued.

And ensued ...

Congratulations reverberated through the crowd ...

... and got personal ...

... and still more personal.

Parade day finally arrived with much fanfare.

The good people of Cleveland and those from far-off lands took over bridges and roads.

Emboldened, the enlightened endeavored to find a vantage point.

Some were safe.

Others used the opportunity to fly their banner.

Or viewed from the safety of a rampart.

Other clans chose more perilous perches.

Even young maidens waxed brave.

The most heroic knights scaled fortresses and poles.

Youths took the opportunity to get close to others who have been in Cleveland's kingdom for a very, very, very long time..

There were eyes in the sky.

And righteous preachers on the ground.

Beautiful damsels donned festive gowns and colorful hats.

But mostly Cleveland's fair subjects made filling these hallowed streets job #1 ...

... as they awaited the King.

Eventually he arrived.

And even after they discovered he was just a kid from Akron, they hailed him just the same.