PHOTOS: Capturing the essence of the RNC

Days before the 2016 Republican National Convention kicked off in earnest, Cleveland was transformed in every possible way: confusing barricades lined the streets while the city's regular denizens were largely absent, with virtual armies of law enforcement and media filling the void alongside political players, protesters and regular folks just trying to navigate through it all.

While there's nothing quite like being there, managing editor Bob Perkoski intrepidly sought out the most evocative images to deliver the jaw-dropping spectacle to Fresh Water readers, who can take it all in amid the comfort of their quiet air conditioned offices and homes.

Infamous flag-burner Joey Johnson lights one up on Prospect Ave.
Guardians of the Square

Police Chief Calvin Williams confronted by a masked protester
Just another day at the office for journalists covering the RNC

Having a photo taken in the "mini Oval Office" at the Facebook lounge

A lone Hillary vendor

Love Trumps Hate
Another protest kiss

First night inside the convention center
Trump introducing his wife on the first night of the RNC
Police Chief Calvin Williams starts an impromptu peace prayer circle - looks like it worked!

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