aeroscena introduces its aromatherapy products to the medical community


It’s a proven fact that certain smells can produce desired results. Along those lines, Aeroscena is introducing aromatherapy to clinical settings around the world to help ease nausea and anxiety associated with going to the doctor. The company makes Ascents, which utilize the science of aromatherapy to help with a variety of aims: calm, energize, focus, sleep, curb and nausea.

“The original idea was, lots of people like aromatherapy,” explains Aeroscena CEO and founder Mark Kohoot. “We looked at the research and there are lots of applications.”

Kohoot is now finding a market for Ascents in hospitals and dentist offices. Most recently he partnered with Patterson Dental, one of the largest distributors of dental equipment. Ascents calm is now being placed in dental offices around the region to reduce patient anxiety.

“We put it in waiting rooms and it dials back anxiety and makes for a better experience,” explains Kohoot, who adds that vanilla has a calming effect while lavender has an enzyme that prompts sleepiness.

A major Cleveland hospital is putting Ascents in its ICUs as part of an FDA validation study Kohoot is conducting. “We are going to measure the reduction of stress and anxiety on patients, visitors and the nurses and staff who work in the ICU,” says Kohoot. “This is a great development because it puts us on the path of being the first aromatherapy company to make a sanctioned FDA claim by the end of next year.”

Ascents nausea formula is being used in Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. and is showing great promise in post-operative nausea cases.

Meanwhile, Kohoot just sealed a deal with a Chinese distributor to sell Ascents. The deal should generate about $1.5 million in annual revenue. “We've been testing for about nine months and the Chinese consumers seem to love it, buying all of the Ascents from the pilot sale test,” says Kohoot. “Every formula has sold evenly, so we haven't been able to detect any significant favorite.”

These deals all come on the heels of a $400,000 capital investment campaign, bringing Aeroscena capital raise to $1 million in four years.

“We are very pleased that the medical and dental communities, patients and the investment community have all validated our vision of inhalation therapy being an excellent new solution for patient care,” says Kohoot. “The demand for Aeroscena's production and the expanding applications have exceeded our most optimistic goals from last year, and put us on a fast track to major expansion.”

Locally, Ascents are available at Nature’s BinWhole Foods and Cleveland Clinic Wellness Store. With business booming, Kohoot plans to add at least two people to his current staff of five.

Karin Connelly Rice
Karin Connelly Rice

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