Forget Cupertino. Hello, Cleveland!

In an article penned by Aaron Glantz, the San Francisco-based Bay Citizen reported that "rust-belt cities of Pittsburgh, Cleveland and St. Louis are all drawing a higher proportion of highly skilled immigrants than Silicon Valley." The numbers were announced in a recent Brookings Institution study of census data.

In that study, the Brookings' Matthew Hall points to efforts by cities such as Cleveland and Pittsburgh to recruit and welcome foreign workers to town in an attempt to rejuvenate the economy. Also of great importance is the cost-of-living disparity.

"Pittsburgh is an easier place to afford to live the American dream and get your foot in the door," Hall said. "That might sound like a pretty good option to a lot of people."

And perhaps contrary to popular opinion, highly skilled immigrants now outnumber lower-skilled ones in the United States, the report found. They found that 30 percent of the country's working-age immigrants, regardless of legal status, have at least a bachelor's degree. Only 28 percent lack a high school diploma.

Read the entire article here.
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