Cleveland Clinic - photo Bob PerkoskiCleveland Clinic - photo Bob Perkoski

This two-square mile tract between downtown and University Circle is fast becoming one of the hottest regions for economic development. Indeed, it was recently designated by the State of Ohio as an official Hub of Innovation and Opportunity. Dubbed the Cleveland Health-Tech Corridor, the district is home to numerous biomedical and high-tech companies. But many more are on the way thanks to a collaborative effort between public and private organizations like the City of Cleveland, Team NEO, Cleveland Foundation and the Greater Cleveland Partnership. Together, these partners are working to remake MidTown into a global leader for health and medical innovation.

Hurdling obstacles: NEO is forging a path as a smart manufacturing hub
MAGNET's first Manufacturing Blueprint Report Card revealed that Northeast Ohio is making strides as an advanced production hub, illustrated by companies like Midway Swiss Turn, Inc and E.C. Kitzel & Sons. But there is still work to do. For instance, while high-tech adoption grew 80% since 2019, only a small number of companies are currently using Industry 4.0 innovations.
Cleveland Neighborhood Progress puts residents at heart of newest grant funding
Empowerment was top-of-mind for Cleveland Neighborhood Progress when it recently invested $2.013 million into 17 CDCs, with focus on the residents and needs like home repairs, community engagement, and real estate development.
Signs of progress: NEO making gains in becoming smart manufacturing hub
MAGNET's first progress report card on its Blueprint for Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio was released last week. The report shows the area has exceeded industry goals, increased investment and products, and diversified top talent, among other milestones.
A few good founders: New physical products the focus of manufacturing-based venture fund
Ohio-focused Advanced Manufacturing Fund, a collaborative effort between MAGNET, JumpStart, and a group of private stakeholders, works with a variety of early-stage physical product and manufacturing ventures like—SweatID, Insitu Foods, and Octet Scientific—puts great ideas on the fast-track to success.
Frank talk: MAGNET launches podcast series to spark conversations on manufacturing's future
In its new podcast series, "MAKE IT," MAGNET president and CEO Ethan Karp sits down with local leaders of companies like Cleveland Whiskey, Lubrizol, Malley's Chocolates, and Lincoln Electric to talk about the region's manufacturing future.
Lighting the way: Bold leadership is a must-have for Cleveland manufacturers
Cleveland's manufacturers need to double their efforts in preparing for the high-tech future, warns MAGNET CEO Ethan Karp, and leadership is the linchpin in embracing Industry 4.0 so the region remains a manufacturing leader. Wooster-based Midway Swiss Turn is setting the example.
Brown Hoisting & Machinery Co.: From 19th Century industry to 21st Century creative community
Cleveland Masterworks: In the late 1800s, Alexander Brown used his civil engineering degree to develop the Brown Hoist—an automated crane system for unloading ships' cargo that reduced costs and turnaround times. His successful business was housed in the J. Milton Dyer-designed Brownhoist Building in MidTown. Today the building is a gathering space for creatives, small businesses, and collaborators who want to give back to the St. Clair-Superior and MidTown neighborhoods.
Open access: Talent attraction remains top-of-mind for Cleveland manufacturers
The manufacturing industry is expected to hire more than 30,000 workers in the next decade, leaving industry leaders and employers like MAGNET, Toward Employment, Precision Metalforming Association, and even CMSD, to create strategies to prepare a robust workforce. The ACCESS to Manufacturing Careers program just may be the answer in Northeast Ohio.
Feed your creative soul at Lake Erie Ink’s Culinary Creativity
This weekend Lake Erie Ink will host its fall fundraiser, Culinary Creativity, at Dunham Tavern Barn in MidTown—bringing together Cleveland’s restaurant and writing communities to support creative expression among Cleveland youth.
MAGNET: Innovation equals transformation and growth for area manufacturers
MAGNET’s Blueprint for Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio outlines the four pillars to manufacturing success: Innovation, Transformation, Talent, and Leadership. Transformation means adopting the newest technologies to stay ahead of the game.
Warner & Swasey building: A factory with a rich history, chance at a new purpose
Cleveland Masterworks: The former Warner & Swasey building—originally built in the late 1880s, then rebuilt between 1904 and 1910, has sat abandoned for nearly 40 years. Today it has a chance at a new life with a development initiative led by MidTown Cleveland and Philadelphia developer Penrose.
Service with a smile: Four generations have kept Gallucci’s Italian Foods going strong
Since 1912 and through four generations, Gallucci's Italian Foods & Market has served customers from all backgrounds and ethnicities with founder Gust Gallucci's original mantra: Sell the best product at the best possible price and provide good service with a smile and a 'thank you.'
#StreetsofCLE: Snapshot in MidTown
FreshWater managing photographer Bob Perkoski provides a peek into the everyday lives of Clevelanders going about their business in the neighborhoods and on the streets of Cleveland.
Make it better: Cleveland makers embrace innovation as a benchmark of growth
Building a transformative technology and forward-thinking are two key elements behind MAGNET's Make It Better: A Blueprint for Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio. Three local innovators—CLEANR, Skuld, and Seraphina Safety—share their tips for success and how they stick to the blueprint.
MidTown Opening Day: Celebrate neighborhood pride, Cleveland Foundation HQ opening
It’s MidTown Opening Day this coming Saturday, July 15—a free, daylong neighborhood festival and block party centered on Euclid Avenue and East 66th Street, with activity hubs throughout the MidTown neighborhood.
Celebrating diversity: Pride month and Juneteenth bring June festivities
With Juneteenth and Pride Month both occurring in June, there has been a lot of celebrations of diversity in Cleveland. Thanks to grant funding from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, many area organizations staged world-class celebrations.
New cybersecurity compliance a potential boon for local manufacturing firms
Manufacturing companies are learning the importance of achieving the Department of Defense's Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, and the benefits that come along with it.
A whole new world: Manufacturing offers fruitful opportunities in ‘non-traditional’ jobs
When thinking about manufacturing jobs, often the first thing that comes to mind is dank dystopian machinery, soot-covered workers, and welding masks. But today's manufacturing field holds opportunities that can actually be quite glamorous.
The dawn of ChatGPT: Artificial intelligence could be a boon for the manufacturing supply chain
It seems like the world is watching how the new AI platform ChatGPT can help students write papers or cheat on exams, but what can this AI technology do for the future of the manufacturing industry? MAGNET CEO Ethan Karp talks about the possibilities.
Check it out: Holiday shopping ideas with a Cleveland flare
It's peak holiday shopping time. With such talented makers and artists in Northeast Ohio, shoppers don't have to look far to find some unique, locally-made gifts for everyone on the list. We compiled some of our favorites here!