Photo essay: Scenes From a Silent City#COVID-19

Life as we knew it is now on pause. Ohio is under a "Stay at Home" order because of the coronavirus. Nowhere is that more evident than in the silent streets of the many deserted cities, which includes our own beautiful Cleveland. Most people are heeding the social distancing, so mostly you see people out walking alone or with their partners or their faithful dogs. All social venues are closed down, and some business are takeout only or delivery. You can even get your favorite beer, dog food and other Cleveland goodies delivered to your home now.

I went out just before the shutdown, and after, and captured some scenes around the city. They show the eerie, deserted status of the city at times when it is normally hustling and bustling.  

Surely when this is all over, we’ll be looking at a new world. The streets may look the same and resume their normal busy activities and distractions, but hopefully we’ll find the true value in our relationship with each other. After such a long stretch apart from our connections with family, friends and businesses, maybe we’ll find ourselves a little more grateful, tolerant and kind. But for now, stay at home and stay healthy.

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In addition to his work for Fresh Water, Bob Perkoski is the official photographer for LAND studio and Cleveland Burlesque. He recently published a book of his photos Rust Belt Burlesque. He's had work published in other books like LGBTQ Cleveland by Ken Schneck, Rust Belt Chic: The Cleveland AnthologyRust Belt Chic: The Pittsburgh Anthology and Moon Cleveland by Douglas Trattner. Previously he was co-founder/art director for Balanced Living Magazine. His substantial portfolio includes news coverage, portraiture, commercial imagery and fine art. Perkoski's first solo show, These Walks of Life premiered in December 2016 in Negative Space Gallery. Visit Perkoski Photography for complete profile information.   Originally from Conneaut, Ohio, Perkoski now lives close to the city in Parma. He has been Fresh Water's managing photographer since the publication's September 2010 inception.