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The City of Cleveland launched a 10-year initiative in 2009 to transform itself into a "Green City on a Blue Lake." With the goal of making the region attractive to young professionals, this administration seeks at every turn to reduce carbon emissions, expand green spaces, increase bike access, and improve the health and wellbeing of its residents -- all while fostering sustainable economic growth. Sustainability is about more than installing CFLs; it is a way of looking at everything from food and art to architecture and transportation with an eye towards the future. Paying heed now to the triple bottom line ensures that tomorrow's generation will have the opportunity to do the same.

Full steam ahead: Irishtown Bend stabilization project breaks ground
Last Friday, Aug. 25 at the Cleveland Rowing Foundation, city officials and organizations celebrated the beginning of the vital next step in the Irishtown Bend project—the stabilization of the banks of the Cuyahoga River to move ahead with a 23-acre park.
Holden Forests & Gardens celebrates Arbor Day
Arbor Day is tomorrow, Friday, April 28. In honor of the day set aside for the planting, upkeep, preservation, and celebration of trees, Holden Forests & Gardens has a bunch of activities planned.
Shaping the future of energy: A look at Ohio’s renewable energy sustainability challenges
At a recent Global Shapers Cleveland Hub forum on Shaping the Future of Energy, the conversation centered around the Ohio’s renewable energy future, its innovators, challenges with carbon emissions, and opportunities.
Shaping the future of the environmental impact of transportation: What’s the solution?
In its series about the environment, Global Shapers recently held a conversation with local thought leaders on the future of transportation and the environment.

Drink Local Drink Tap exceeds a half million pieces of trash collected on Lake Erie shores
The nonprofit Drink Local Drip Tap hit a milestone in October—the organization has collected more than half a million pieces of trash, or more than 15,000 pounds, from Lake Erie's shores.
Charged up: Garden Valley Neighborhood House goes green with solar power
Garden Valley Neighborhood House last week celebrated a 40-panel rooftop solar array that will save the nonprofit, and largest food pantry in Northeast Ohio, $64,000 in electric bills over five years.
Tree symposium will explore how to improve Northeast Ohio’s tree canopy
The upcoming Cuyahoga Tree Symposium at the Beachwood Community Center will explore nature-based means for improving the region’s tree canopy and using science-based means to improve the tree-related health of county residents.
Help decide the future of Horseshoe Lake Park
The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District will host a virtual meeting and host an open house at Horseshoe Lake Park in Shaker Heights to present the Doan Brook restoration goals and gather public input on what the park should look like after the restoration.   
Talking trash: Meet Cleveland’s volunteer garbage man of the water
Since 2015 Eddie Olschansky has been cruising the Cuyahoga and Lake Erie in his kayak, collecting plastic and other waste that contaminates our natural waterways. After recruiting a group of volunteers, in 2019 he formed the nonprofit Trash Fish to keep the group cleaning effort going strong. 
Clean Sweep: Volunteers remove 23 tons of trash from the Cuyahoga River Valley
Volunteers came out in force last weekend for Canalway's annual RiverSweep—picking up more than 23 tons of trash along the Cuyahoga River Valley.
Global Shapers’ Kwame Botchway named as a delegate at World Economic Forum
Kwame Botchway will represent Global Shapers Cleveland Hub later this month in Switzerland as a delegate to the 2022 World Economic Forum.
How the distributive leadership model gets more done for environmental justice
Black Environmental Leaders Association and the Global Shapers Cleveland Hub have seemed to figure out a way to get more done with fewer people—approaching the work from a distributive leadership model—where everyone is a leader in the fight for environmental justice. Meet five of those leaders and their motivations behind the work they do.
Watering the world: Drink Local Drink Tap celebrates World Water Day on March 22
To recognize World Water Day, Drink Local Drink Tap is hosting a virtual event focused on this year's groundwater theme. 
Landing a reboot: CycleWerks co-founder transitions into launching a new e-bike breed
Scott Colosimo launched his e-bike career with Cleveland CycleWerks in 2009, but now he's on to bigger and better things with the LAND District—a new business and a new generation of transitional vehicles. 
Two local organizations partner to preserve 29-acre endangered species habitat in Ashtabula County
After an 18-year effort to acquire 29 acres in Ashtabula County, the Museum of Natural History and the Western Reserve Land Conservancy collaborated to acquired the property that is home to many at-risk wildlife species. 
Black Environmental Leaders and Global Shapers collaborate to fight environmental injustices
The Black Environmental Leaders Association (BEL) and the Global Shapers Cleveland Hub, have partnered to advance environmental justice in some very intentional and unique ways.
All aboard! RTA launches new high-tech, low emissions HealthLine bus fleet today
The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority is introducing 16 new environmentally-friendly passenger and buses with the latest in tehcnologies along the HealthLine.
Cool beans: Cafilia keeps it local by serving up coffee subscriptions
Aleksandra Brankov is all about supporting local business, and she loves her Northeast Ohio coffee shops and cafes. So, she developed her subscription-based coffee company, Cafilia, so customers can bring in their reusable travel mugs and get their locally-brewed cups of joe with no cash involved. 
Reforestation run: Holden Forests & Gardens wraps up a busy season of planting trees
In February, Holden Forests & Gardens launched the People for Trees campaign with the goal of planting 15,000 trees by 2025 to save Northeast Ohio’s dwindling tree canopy. As planting season comes to a close, Holden is on the fast track to reaching that goal.
These trees grow in CLE: Groups record, track remaining pre-1796 Moses Cleaveland trees
Only about 70 of the 273 known Moses Cleaveland trees recorded in the city remain—including tulips, sycamores, beeches, several kinds of oaks, a hickory, and a silver maple. Tree advocates working to restore our tree canopy are using the remaining Moses Cleaveland trees to inspire residents to plant their own tree legacies.