Cleveland's Birthday: Here’s a quiz you’ve had 225 years to study for

Moses Cleaveland and his band of surveyors entered the mouth of the Cuyahoga River on July 22, 1796. Now let’s see how well you’ve come to know the town they laid out.

Nowadays, of course, you could just Google the answers. But try to resist and test your Clevelandship instead. The answers will be published in Thursday's FreshWater Cleveland.

1. What shape is Shaker Square?
A: A square. B: A triangle. C: A rounded square inside an octagon. D: A circle inside a rectangle.

2: Who were the first permanent settlers of the Flats?
A: Moses Cleaveland and his surveyors. B: Lorenzo and Rebecca Carter. C: Nathaniel and Sarah Doan. D. George Peake and his family.

3. John P. Green was Cleveland’s first African-American lawyer and elected official. He was also the North’s first African-American state senator. He died at age 95. What was his cause of death?
A: Getting hit by a car. B: Having a heart attack while arguing a case. C: Dementia. D: Drowning.

4. Who is the Hope Memorial Bridge named for?
A: Bob Hope. B: Bob Hope’s father. C: Admiral Oscar Hope. D: Hope Halle.

5. Jim Thome is buried in Monroe Street Cemetery. Who was he?
A: A former Indians slugger. B: That slugger’s father. C: A Cleveland State chemist. D: An abolitionist minister.

6. Who was Hazel Mountain Walker?
A: Cleveland’s first Black female principal. B. A graduate of Cleveland Law School. C: An actress credited with naming Karamu House. D: All of the above.

7. What was Chef Boyardee’s real name?
A: Enrico Boyardi. B: Maria Boardi. C. Ettore Boiardi. D: Frank Smith.

8. Which is the only community bordering both Cleveland and the Cuyahoga County line?
A: Euclid. B: Parma. C: Westlake. D: Bratenahl.

9. Which stars were not born in Greater Cleveland?
A: Bob Hope and Tom Hanks. B: Margaret Hamilton and Halle Berry. C: Joel Grey and Arsenio Hall. D: Ruby Dee and Drew Carey.

10. Which comic strip was not created by locals?
A: Superman. B: Batman. C: Ziggy. D: Calvin and Hobbes.

Check out Thursday's FreshWater Cleveland for the answers.

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